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Honeywell 360 Display

Breakthrough Situational Awareness with Honeywell 360 Display

The Honeywell 360 Display is a wearable display that provides unprecedented situational awareness for pilots flying in low-visibility conditions and for ground vehicle operators who need to maneuver in low-visibility or hazardous conditions.

Honeywell 360 Display for Aviation
The aviation version of the display is a wearable visor that uses augmented reality to provide civilian or military pilots with a high-resolution 360-degree view that seamlessly matches the view outside the cockpit. It also provides traffic callouts and flight instrumentation in the pilot’s field of view, which makes the Honeywell 360 Display ideal for flying at night, in bad weather or in congested airspace. The display improves safety, pilot confidence and aircraft utility.

Honeywell 360 Display for Rugged Ground Vehicles
Operators of ruggedized vehicles can use the display to safely maneuver in low visibility or hazardous conditions. It improves overall situational awareness, reaction speed and survivability by increasing visibility and reducing the need to consult instruments in the vehicle. The lightweight head-worn display uses real-time outside high-resolution camera feeds to create a seamless mixed-reality view and provides operators sensor information within their immediate field of view.

The Honeywell Difference
Unlike competing technologies, the Honeywell 360 Display simulates natural vision with a high-resolution, ultra-low-latency view of what is really going on around the aircraft or vehicle. The lightweight display is designed for extended use and, with lag time of one-millionth of a second, will not cause nausea like some other systems.

For more information, talk to your Honeywell representative.